Kalamazoo County State Bank

When Kalamazoo County State Bank needed someone to facilitate their 100th year anniversary they contacted us. We held other community events and got them on the right track for providing better customer services. Other services we provide are:

  • Facilitate Corporate Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Prepare Corporate Strategic Business Plan and Review Bimonthly with Appointed Champions Create Annual Marketing Plans, Budgets & Action Items
  • Produce Annual Marketing Campaigns
  • Facilitated 100 Year Anniversary Marketing and Public Relations Campaign, Community Events and Private Reception
  • Introduced Annual Chili Cook-off
  • Introduced 3-Step Customer Care Program
  • Produce marketing materials and collateral
  • Prepare Press Releases and Bank Communications including promotional letters
  • Connecting Conversations Training


Marketing Collateral

Kalamazoo County State Bank has us provide marketing collateral to promote their multiple campaigns. Check out the following examples or if you'd like to see more feel free to email us.

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