Chelsea State Bank

When Chelsea State Bank needed someone to step up as a marketing director they came to us. We develop and implement their yearly Strategic Marketing Plan and budget and provide them with the following:

  • Act as Marketing Director for the Bank
  • Conduct Brainstorming & Discovery Sessions with Entire Staff to Determine Needs
  • Develop and Implement Total Strategic Marketing Plan, Budget & Action Items
  • Create, Buy and Place All Advertising
  • Facilitate Product Development & Training Committee Meetings
  • Facilitate Bank Relations Committee Meeting
  • Facilitate Social Media Task Force
  • Assist with Training and Materials Including Employee Sales Guide
  • Introduced 9-Step Customer Care Onboarding Program
  • Prepare and Release all Bank Press Releases
  • Write Promotional Copy, Bank Communications and Marketing Materials including Brochures
  • Connecting Conversations Training


Marketing Collateral

We provide marketing collateral that includes brochures, billboards, banners, and print advertisements. See the samples below or email us to view more.

k-Space Associates, Inc.

Jiffy Mixes

Dick Lundy

The Common Grill

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