Case Studies

We’ve had the privilege to work alongside some amazing clients and provide them with custom strategies to improve their image and execute business goals. Click on a client to learn more about the services we provided them.

Thumb National Bank

We helped Thumb National Bank develop their Strategic Marketing Plan including a logo refresh and creating more collateral.

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Community State Bank

We work with Community State Bank to facilitate their corporate strategic business plan and quarterly updates, create and implement marketing plans and campaigns and more.

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Michigan Certified Development Corporation (MCDC)

We work as a communications and marketing consultant for the corporation and facilitated their website redesign.

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Chelsea State Bank

We act as marketing director for the bank and work with the entire staff in our Brainstorming and Discorvery sessions.

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ChoiceOne Bank

We work with ChoiceOne Bank to create business and personal marketing materials as well as annual reports and quarterly financial statements.

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Fentura Holding Company

We provided annual reports, quarterly financial statements and facilitated web design and copy.

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Fentura Financial Partners

Our marketing plan included branding as well as stationary and marketing materials.

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Sturgis Bank & Trust

We created an annual marketing plan and launched new marketing campaigns aimed at generating new checking accounts.

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West Michigan Community Bank

We worked with West Michigan Community Bank to increase efficiencies, launch a major marketing campaign and more.

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Charlevoix State Bank

We assisted in the marketing for a new branch and worked with the new Marketing Director.

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Commercial Bank

We created an annual marketing plan for Commercial bank and helped implement Really Free Checking. Really! ®

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Nordberg & VanDenBerg, Inc. – Financial Planning

Nordberg & VanDenBerg, Inc. – Financial Planning hired us to create a business plan and coach business development strategies.

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Gallagher Law Firm

Gallagher Law Firm asked us to not only create a marketing plan for the firm but also individual business plans for attorneys.

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Spring Valley Bank & Trust Company

Spring Valley Bank & Trust Company

We helped Spring Valley Bank & Trust Company make 30-second average lending radio commercials

Ashim Aggarwal MD

Ashim Aggarwal MD

We worked as a marketing and public relations consultant to brand, grown and build their business.

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Honor Bank

Honor Bank wanted a new way to reach their branch business development and cross-selling goals and we had the privilege, and honor, to help.

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Kalamazoo County State Bank

Kalamazoo County State Bank needed someone to facilitate their 100th year anniversary marketing and public relations campaign.

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Michigan Association of Community Bankers (MACB)

We act as communication consultants for the Association and implemented a new Total Strategic Communication Plan.

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Summit Community Bank

We work with Summit Community Bank to create annual marketing plans, introduce promotions, and more.

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The State Bank

Working with The State Bank, we came up with a plan to generate sales and improve customer care.

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Mayville State Bank

We helped Mayville State Bank conduct focus groups and conducted mystery shopping to help them improve customer service.

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Davison State Bank

Davison State Bank needed someone to help them increase efficiencies and facilitate revamping their website.

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Livingston Community Bank

We worked with Livingston Community Bank to facilitate their grand opening, helped with new website design and copy and more.

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ICNB (now First Bank)

We worked with ICNB's new Marketing Director and assisted in the creation of annual marketing plans, budgets and action items.

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Edgewater Bank

We worked with Edgewater Bank to implement a new Total Internal Marketing Plan and conducted Brainstorming and Discovery sessions with the whole staff.

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Old Mission Bank

Old Mission Bank needed someone to facilitate Brainstorming & Discovery Sessions as well as create an annual marketing plan.

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Shelby State Bank

We helped Shelby State Bank collect insight from their staff during our Brainstorming & Discovery Sessions.

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Orange County Trust Company

Orange County Trust Company

We helped Orange County Trust Company by conducting focus groups in counties outside branch footprint to determine market perception and acceptance.

Economics Development Foundation

Economics Development Foundation

We helped the Economics Development Foundation produce testimonial videos (in Three Rivers, Grand Rapids and Traverse City)

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ChoiceOne Bank

ChoiceOne Bank

Conducted the Bank Wide Communications Audit for ChoiceOne Bank.

Our Services

Strategic Marketing Plans

We work with you to uncover who you are and what you want to accomplish to create a custom marketing plan.

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Customer Experience

We can help you build trust with customers, achieve financial success and give customers reasons to refer your services.

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Bank Marketing Campaigns

We’re here to help you find creative and practical solutions to help you reach your goals.

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Brainstorming and Discovery Sessions

Our brainstorming session allows you to explore ideas with us and your team.

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Shareholder, Community and Public Relations

Creating and expanding top-of-mind awareness is crucial to building your business.

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Business Development Coaching & Mentoring

We like to offer our assistance in a nonthreatening, lighthearted environment.

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Community Bank Training

Community bank training and development is vital in allowing banks to increase market share, build relationships with customers, and strengthen brand position all while developing a successful business.

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Customer and Community Focus Groups

We make it simple for you to get a read on your customer and community perceptions.

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Bank Wide Communications Audit

The goal of a Bank Wide Communications Audit is to ensure all communications leave your Bank with the proper tone, style and message.

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